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WHo we are

We welcome contributions to Hifi Zine from any member of the audiophile community. To ensure continuity, however, most Hifi Zine content is written by a staff of regular writers. If you’d like to join us, please get in touch and let us know your ideas.

Editorial team

Editors are writers that commit to taking on some additional responsibilities. Editors typically align themselves with one or more departments (Independent Reports, Technical and DIY, Music Corner, etc…) and take responsibility for co-ordinating and reviewing content for that department for each issue.


To become a writer for Hifi Zine, we ask for a commitment to deliver a minimum of four articles per year (i.e. one per quarter). These could be reviews, interviews, opinion pieces; it’s up to you according to your interests.

Writers are also eligible to write equipment reviews, and will be asked for their interest in reviewing any items of gear that are offered for review to Hifi Zine. You thus may get to spend “seat time” with equipment in your own system that you might not otherwise. (Note that, as a general rule, we do not accept equipment reviews from casual contributors.)

As a Hifi Zine writer, you will also receive a full-featured blog on hifizine.com, so you can write down your thoughts and observations on audio at any time. The blog is also a great way to put up draft material and ideas and get feedback from other writers and readers of HifiZine before going to press. You will also receive a (high-quality, IMAP, spam-free) @hifizine.com email address, if you’d like one.


We welcome contributions to Hifi Zine from any member of the audiophile community, whether regular audiophiles or seasoned industry veterans. To get in touch, please use the the contact form.