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Stew Nelless

I was the longest "sitting" writer at Affordable$$Audio. I mainly review some DIY stuff (that I build or have built), and equipment often overlooked by many mainstream type audio mags and 'zines. These pieces include "pro" gear that may be suitable for in-home use, either in a traditional stand-alone 2 channel audio system or computer based one. I am a relatively new iMac user (less than 2 years), and I have suffered a HD crash already, so many reference materials that I have had are gone...so please be patient if I mention things without any links. I am very new to iPods, and docks, although I do have a good one: and iPod classic (160 Mb), and an idW1 YBA Design dock. I am looking at unlocking the full potential of the iPod Classic with a custom dock (or else I may modify the YBA). Currently I have a Nuforce Icon Digital amplifier that I use on the desktop, and in my main system as needed. I love single driver loudspeakers, and have 3 or 4 pairs of them on hand. I also have some old Castle Durham 900s that have been the single piece of equipment that I have owned the longest. A Pioneer PD54 "Elite" cd player covers that format, as well as a Sony "Greystation". PS Audio lll phono stage, my own DIY tonearm and a Grado Sig8 MCZ are attached to my old Oracle Alex Mkll turntable. I also have a SME 309 that I have since put away. Amplification/line-stage duties are handled by McCormack pieces: a Micro Line Drive feeds a DNA 0.5 deLuxe (revision "B"). I have a bunch of old tuners that no longer see much service. I also have a Nakamichi SR2 (Stasis) receiver.

A Recipe for a Turntable

Let’s look at a “multi-configurable” turntable – which can be set up with AC or DC motor drive systems, and with various drive modes: belt, idler, and rim drive.

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