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Nyal Mellor

Nyal Mellor is the founder and president of Acoustic Frontiers LLC, a company specializing in acoustic design and calibration for high end audio and home theater. Nyal was born and brought up in the United Kingdom but in mid-2008 moved to California to chase his dreams of a life spent mountain biking, snowboarding and engineering the finest sound reproduction systems known to mankind! He was educated at Christ Church, Oxford University and currently also works full time for macys.com in San Francisco. He holds the Home Acoustics Alliance Level I and Level II certifications.


Listening-Room Reflections and the Energy-Time Curve

In our listening rooms reflected sounds – sounds that bounce off walls and other objects – are more often louder than the direct sound from our loudspeakers. Nyal Mellor and Jeff Hedback explain how reflections affect our perception of sound, and how the Energy-Time Curve (ETC) can be used to assess the nature of reflections in a given listening room.

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Three Acoustical Issues that Room Correction Can’t Correct

This article by Nyal Mellor introduces three fundamental acoustical issues that room correction cannot address. They can only be addressed through good design, appropriate use of acoustic treatment, and appropriate system setup techniques.

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