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Nick Goode

My love of music inspired me for as long as I can remember. This led to my interest in audio equipment and how to make the music sound more enjoyable at home. My father helped me with my first DIY audio project at about 13 years old. He purchased some new Kenwood woofers to replace the pair of woofers I fried in my Advent speakers while playing "The Humpty Dance" by the Digital Underground in 1990. My interest in music has grown and so has my passion about audio. I have bought and sold a bunch of different audio equipment in order to enjoy different types of equipment on my audio journey. Today I am most interested in learning more about speaker building and getting the best possible sound from computer based audio. I feel very lucky to have made many great friends with others that share the audio hobby.

AKFest 2010

Nick Goode tells us about his favorite rooms at the AudioKarma audio festival (AKFest), held in the Detroit area on May 1st and 2nd. Additional comments by Rich Graebel.

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