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We seek education, enjoyment, and satisfaction from our hobby. We love to write, and by so doing, to share our experiences with others; and likewise, to read of the experiences of others.

Hifi Zine provides a high-quality outlet for these desires. We want all audiophiles – whether a consumer or in the industry – to be given a voice. Editorial standards at Hifi Zine are high, so having an article published in Hifi Zine is both challenging and rewarding.

In addition to articles provided by our regular staff of writers, we welcome submissions from readers for experience reports (equipment, shows), music-related articles, project write-ups, and so on. Industry members can submit educational technical articles, as well as press releases.

In order to meet our goals, we have created several “departments” for articles:

Equipment Reviews – HifiZine publishes independent reviews of a range of audio equipment. We don’t impose budgetary constraints – equipment is reviewed at the interest of our reviewers.

Industry Spotlight – Articles that highlight things of interest in the audio industry. They may be articles by someone in the industry, a look at a new or innovative product or technology, a report on an audio show, or an interview by one of our writers with an industry person.

Technical and DIY – Articles that explain or educate readers on one or more technical aspects of the hobby and audio recording and reproduction, and articles that document projects undertaken by audiophiles. Technical articles from industry members are welcomed.

The Audiophile Experience – Reports and opinion pieces from audiophiles. These are typically less formal and shorter articles than the other sections, and could be opinion pieces written from a personal perspective about the hobby, a description of someone’s audio system, reports of events and gatherings, and so on.

The Music Corner – Articles related to music. They could be educational, a review of a particular recording, or guide to a particular style, composer, or performer.

The Pulse – on-going news, editorials, and what’s happening at Hifi Zine.