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Editor: Patrick Dillon.

Music In The Mountains

“In year’s past, the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) has been hampered by an aging, rather stale venue, and backward looking management. This year, things were looking up with the hosting hotel being newly refreshed and the exhibitors better able to cope with the remodeled rooms.” Oliver Masciarotte provides his retrospective of the 2017 show.

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Steve Holt, Garry Lambert, and Small Wonder audio componentry

“I’ve done a few interviews related to crowdfunding campaigns for audiophile components…” writes John Reekie. The latest campaign to catch his eye is for the Small Wonder series of audio components from Garry Lambert of the Lambert Company and Steve Holt of The Audio Nerd. Compact, stylish, and designed to work together, this campaign offers a refreshing take on hifi components for everyone.

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California Audio Show 2014

Now in its fifth year, the California Audio Show provides an ears–on listening experience for the nerdiest region of our nation. Of particular interest were local and lesser known brands, along with a few product debuts. Since all work and no play makes for a desultory OMas, a late night field report is also on offer.

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Gunnar van Vliet on the Mies i100 integrated amplifier

Following on the heels of his interviews with KickStarter candidates Jim Hagerman and Gavin Fish, John Reekie asked Gunnar van Vliet of Planet of Sound for some insights into his latest product, also just launched on KickStarter. The compact Mies i100 integrated amplifier, billed as “The Ultimate Amplifier for Vinyl Lovers”, is scheduled to retail for an undeniably affordable $399 CAD.

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Magnepan Incorporated—A Tiny Giant

“There is a giant living amongst the modest homes, strip malls and wetlands: the venerable Magnepan, Incorporated, known for the quality and value of their relatively large planar loudspeakers.” Oliver Masciarotte tours the Magnepan factory with Wendell Diller on the hottest day of summer, and survives to report back for HifiZine with his insights into the processes and values of this family-run company.

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Jim Hagerman on the KickStarter experience

“I was intrigued a few months ago to notice that Jim Hagerman, of Hagerman Technology and Hagerman Audio Labs was running a project on KickStarter for the new version of the Bugle 2 phono preamp…” writes John Reekie. He asks Jim for his insights on the KickStarter experience.

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Gavin Fish on the Geek and KickStarter

Light Harmonic recently launched a new, inexpensive DAC and headphone amp called the “Geek” with a campaign on KickStarter. The Geek’s compact size and impressive specifications attracted John Reekie’s attention, and he asked Gavin Fish about the Geek and the Kickstarter campaign.

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A Conversation with Peter Bartlett, Technical Director of Cyrus

Peter D’Amario talks with Peter Bartlett, technical director of Cyrus Audio, about the Cyrus approach to product design and development. Designed and manufactured in the UK, Cyrus approaches their product line with embedded “audiophile DNA” thinking that allows owners to upgrade and evolve their investment. “When one buys a piece of Cyrus gear, one is tapping into a bloodline that is long and well-developed.”

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The Electrostatic “Sonic Panel” – Interview with Charlie van Dongen and Rob Mackinlay

“I was intrigued recently to learn of a new electrostatic panel from Australian company Involve Audio,” writes John Reekie. Now available as a standalone panel together with the necessary power supplies and stepup transformer, the electrostatic panel offers interesting possibilities for the DIY speaker builder. John asks Charlie Van Dongen, chief designer of Involve Audio, and Rob Mackinlay of E R Audio, also involved in the design of the panel, for some inside info.

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Interview with Ryan Scott, Vapor Audio

A relatively new entrant in the speaker market is Vapor Audio, notable for the use of top-quality drivers and an extremely solid cabinet construction method using laminated Baltic Birch ply. As a direct-sales manufacturer, their pricing also suggests outstanding value. John Reekie asks Ryan Scott, the designer and principal, if he would share his insights on loudspeaker design and his experiences on the path to become a speaker manufacturer.

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