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Bernt Rønningsbakk

Bernt Rønningsbakk is the designer of Audiolense. Audiolense is a program that is used to measure speakers and generate FIR filters that combine crossover duties with sound correction. Audiolense has been out on the market since 2007 and has become highly regarded among computer audiophiles. Audiolense is available from www.juicehifi.com. Rønningsbakk holds an MSc degree in Industrial Economics and Technology Management and a PhD degree related to innovation management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. His work experience spans from computer programming and other forms of highly technical work to business consulting. He has been a business consultant for nearly 15 years and he has been teaching entrepreneurship as an associate professor at the BI Norwegian School of Management. Audiolense and Juice Hifi have been his main focus area since 2006, and he uses most of his time on product & technology development and some of it on supporting customers from the enthusiast market segment. He has also teamed up with partners in UK and formed the UK based company Audiolense Ltd, where efforts are being made to build a strong and sustainable business around the Audiolense technology in combination with a few other interesting technologies.


Sound correction in the frequency and time domain

When we play a hi-fidelity recording in our listening room, the sound that we hear is the product of many things: the performers, the recording environment and the skill of the recording engineers, the quality of our playback electronics and loudspeakers, and the room/acoustic environment in which we are listening.

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