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Reports and opinion pieces from audiophiles. These could be opinion pieces written from a personal perspective about the hobby, reports events and gatherings, and so on.

The Silent Desktop

“I recall a former workplace where, at the end of the day, I would shut down the tower computer under my desk and suddenly be struck by the whine of the hard drives and fans spinning down…” writes John Reekie on the motivation for his quest to make his listening desktop completely silent, and comes to some unexpected conclusions.

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Mid-priced DACs – how to choose

“These days, DACs come in a wide variety of packages and price points, with a broad range of features and sometimes questionable benefits,” writes Oliver Masciarotte is his opening salvo in demystifying the vast range of DACs in the $500 – $2000 range now on the market. He looks at the key features that make a DAC worthy of consideration for a two-channel hifi enthusiast, and why, based on his inside knowledge of studio and mastering practices.

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The Impermanence of Technology

“Between increasingly frequent upgrades and product obsolescence, the industry risks turning off the people whose purchases sustain it…” writes Peter d’Amario. What do you think?

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Adventures in power treatments – part 1

“You don’t have to spend a long time among audiophiles before realizing that electricity, particularly the clean supply of sufficient electricity to power your components, is a topic of some interest. We seek to reduce noise, stifle radiation, recalibrate voltage and suppress electro-magnetic radiation.” Patrick Dillon continues.

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The Unease of the Audiophile

Music and its accurate reproduction can provide some of life’s great pleasures. Beautiful art meets wonderous technology, and fanatics find communities of fellowship and glossy magazines with which their desires are regularly stoked. Patrick Dillon ponders the ins and outs of this hobby.

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Capitol Audiofest 2010

The first annual Capitol Audiofest took place in the Washington D.C. suburb of Rockville, Maryland on June 11—13. Michael Mardis reports on this new audio show and provides lots of pictures.

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Lone Star Audio Fest 2010

Michael Mardis reports on his experiences of the 2010 Lone Star Audio Fest. Held each year in Texas, this growing event has a great mix of vendor and DIY participation.

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AKFest 2010

Nick Goode tells us about his favorite rooms at the AudioKarma audio festival (AKFest), held in the Detroit area on May 1st and 2nd. Additional comments by Rich Graebel.

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