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Articles that highlight things of interest in the audio industry. They may be articles by someone in the industry, a look at a new or innovative product or technology, a report on an audio show, or an interview by one of our writers with an industry person.

Editor: Patrick Dillon.

RMAF 2012

Oliver Masciarotte pens his thoughts on the 2012 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. With his unique insider perspective, Oliver finds things to love and other stuff, not so much.

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Australian Audio and AV Show 2012

The Australian Audio and AV Show, held in Sydney this year, is the first audio show in Sydney in decades. John Reekie takes a tour through the wonders on offer, and offers some musing of his own.

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Interview with Tony Rouget of miniDSP

HifiZine has run a number of technical articles on the miniDSP active crossover units. John Reekie interviews the man behind the product, Tony Rouget, to get his insights into their genesis and direction.

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Rick Schultz Interview

Accompanying his review of the High Fidelity cables in this issue, Patrick Dillon interviews their creator Rick Schultz, previously of Virtual Dynamics. Rick gives us the lowdown on his work, the industry and his views of the music scene. “Music is unquestionably one of the greatest things life has to offer. Music is universal and almost everyone enjoys it.”

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The Australian Audio and AV Show 2011

For the past decade, hifi shows have been something that Australian audiophiles can only read about, so it’s no great surprise that the 2011 Australian Audio and AV show was so well received. Paul Spencer gets involved.

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Luminous Audio Accessories and Terminations

“All accessories and terminations are not created equal.” Jake Montzingo takes a look at some of the latest offerings from Luminous Audio, from silver spades and RCAs, to Sorbothane feet.

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Interview with Steve McCormack of SMc Audio

Best known for his classic Mod Squad and McCormack lines of amplification, Steve McCormack now runs SMc Audio, his own design and upgrade company. Here he talks to Patrick Dillon about his work, the nature of great sound, and the future of high-end audio from a manufacturer’s perspective.

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The AVA Hifi UltraValve

The Audio by Van Alstine UltraValve amplifier is the latest step in the evolution of the ST-70 from Audio by Van Alstine. Frank Van Alstine shares some of his insights with us.

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Interview with Albert Von Schweikert, Part 2

Given the response to the Albert von Schweikert interview in the very first issue of Hifi Zine, we decided to pose a few more questions to Albert. Fresh back from RMAF where his VR-33 and VR-35 designs were drawing many positive reactions, we invited other owners and interested parties to ask questions.

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RMAF 2010 – a Manufacturer’s Take

The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, just held in October, was by all accounts a smashing success. Rick Craig of Selah Audio provides a perspective from the “other side.”

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