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Paul Spencer

I write regular small articles on my audio blog which I've created as a resource for audio enthusiasts. My primary interest is the speaker-room interface which I view as the most critical aspect of a sound system. The unique advantage of being a DIY enthusiast is that I can design and build both the speakers and room treatment to work together. I enjoy writing about audio and one of the great compensations is that in the process, my own ideas are clarified, refined and challenged. On the work front, I run a small web design studio.


Bass Integration Guide – Part 3

Paul Spencer completes the Bass Integration Guide series with part 3, which covers speaker placement, bass management and EQ, building on the measurement and acoustic treatment from parts 1 and 2. “All your favourite bass tracks are likely to come out as you rediscover bass that is tight and controlled and maintains a balance that sounds right to you.”

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The Australian Audio and AV Show 2011

For the past decade, hifi shows have been something that Australian audiophiles can only read about, so it’s no great surprise that the 2011 Australian Audio and AV show was so well received. Paul Spencer gets involved.

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Bass Integration Guide – Part 2

This article is the second in Paul Spencer’s three-part series on bass integration, covering all major aspects of accurate bass reproduction in domestic listening rooms. After the measurements in Part 1, acoustic treatment is now introduced as the first step towards improving bass performance.

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Bass Integration Guide – Part 1

Exceptional bass is nearly always the exception in high-end audio. You can buy great midrange, but truly accurate bass reproduction requires a room-specific solution. The investment and effort involved is considerable. In the first of a three-part series, Paul Spencer shows us how to assess our current bass performance.

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