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Jake Montzingo

I am a happily married father of a daughter and son, and in Senior Living management professionally. My audio passions include two channel audio equipment that sounds good with music or movies, and any audio project that requires DIY and my electronics skill and attention. Audio writing became a hobby as a result of my love of music and audio technology; in addition to a limited discretionary income. My other hobbies family time, running/hiking with our dog, HAM radio (KE7IRY), and relaxing at home.

Grant Fidelity W-30GT Integrated amplifier

“I have also grown tired of many components being connected by many wires in a large jumble in my living room.” Jake Montzingo explores joys of simplicity and high-fidelity with the Grant Fidelity W-30GT integrated amplifier… “an amplifier that I could enjoy listening to every day for the rest of my life; and that’s better than perfection.”

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Luminous Audio Accessories and Terminations

“All accessories and terminations are not created equal.” Jake Montzingo takes a look at some of the latest offerings from Luminous Audio, from silver spades and RCAs, to Sorbothane feet.

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The Audio-GD NFB-7 DAC

Digital is a strange thing in the audio world, and the topic of many heated conversations between anyone with a pair of ears and an interest in audio reproduction. Jake Montzingo ponders this question and others in his review of the Sabre32-based NFB-7 from Audio-GD.

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DH Labs Cables

I’ve had components swapped in and out on my system over the last few years, but had not done enough experimenting with audio cables. So I contacted Darren at DH Labs; here are the results.

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