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Syncing a music library to a Droidisk (or PiDisk)

John Reekie goes all GUI to sync up his droidisk server with music files on a Mac or PC. Well, apart from installation on the ODroid or Raspberry Pi. Compared to his previous rsync-based method, this is “a better solution that is cross-platform, easier to set up, and more flexible.”

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Droidisk – Playing music

John Reekie wraps up his articles on inexpensive SBC-based music servers, with instructions on how to install music-related services on the ODroid HC1. This time, he’s also using an Android tablet as the renderer.

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Droidisk – An inexpensive compact music server

John Reekie revisits his Raspberry Pi based music server with a new offering: the ODroid HC1 (“home compute server”). “The HC1 has the distinguishing feature of a SATA port, so that it connects to a hard drive without going through USB. It also has a Gigabit Ethernet port and a much faster processor than the Pi.” Get ready to sharpen your command line skills!

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