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Articles related to music. They could be educational, a review of a particular recording or recordings, a report on an event or concert, or a guide to a particular style, composer, or performer.

Editor: Peter D’Amario.

Recordings of Special Merit

Some recordings just stand out as being amongst those that you simply must recommend to your friends. Let’s take a look at some of mine, from Indian classical through to rock and roll.

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Bob Dylan : Self Portrait

Nearly universally panned upon release (the reviewer for Rolling Stone rhetorically asked: “What is this shit?”), this album – at face value – does present a rather odd mix of tunes.

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Blood, Sweat & Tears : Child is Father to the Man

Everyone knows Blood, Sweat & Tears… the instantly recognizable growl of David Clayton-Thomas’ gravelly voice, right? Well, that was my take on BS&T, until I first heard Child is Father to the Man.

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The Individualism of Gil Evans

I believe the first time I heard Gil Evans’ music was on Miles Davis’ Sketches in Spain on Columbia. For those of you who don’t know, this is a remarkably beautiful album.

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For the Love of Opera

“One aria fills me with gladness and yet another leaves me wistfully longing for a tender moment, long forgotten in my past.” Rim Yi explains the history and his enjoyment of the artform that incorporates music, literature and stage.

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Some Scandinavian Labels and Recordings

“As a long-time collector, I’m fortunate to have several recordings from Scandinavian labels such as Proprius, BIS, and Opus 3.” Jim Goulding explores these interesting labels.

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