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Oliver Masciarotte

Bits are bits… or are they?

“I am not a Bits Are Bits kinda guy,” writes Oliver Masciarotte. “Just because I do not yet have a theory that explains the underlying mechanism of an effect, that doesn’t invalidate my sensory experiences.” Oliver dives into the perplexing world of USB cables and concludes that “The VU-1 is an affordable tweak that really does improve any USB source.”

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Micromega MyDAC — Quelle Joyeaux

“The diminutive MyDAC is Micromega’s first foray into the standalone DAC market ” writes Oliver Masciarotte in his evaluation. “This is not a ‘me too’ product, but yields a high level of performance at an entry level price. Its welcome ability to extract the essence of a file is a beautiful thing… MyDAC is a strikingly tremendous performer.”

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Magnepan Incorporated—A Tiny Giant

“There is a giant living amongst the modest homes, strip malls and wetlands: the venerable Magnepan, Incorporated, known for the quality and value of their relatively large planar loudspeakers.” Oliver Masciarotte tours the Magnepan factory with Wendell Diller on the hottest day of summer, and survives to report back for HifiZine with his insights into the processes and values of this family-run company.

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Plugins for Audiophile Music Players

Oliver Masciarotte surveys the field of “plugins” for audiophile music players, explaining what they are and how they can benefit your listening experience. From shufflers and measurement tools to the dreaded EQ, there is much benefit available to the open-minded audiophile willing to explore the possibilities. Oliver lists his favorites and recommendations, from free to not-so-free, and explains how to evaluate plugin quality.

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Mid-priced DACs – how to choose

“These days, DACs come in a wide variety of packages and price points, with a broad range of features and sometimes questionable benefits,” writes Oliver Masciarotte is his opening salvo in demystifying the vast range of DACs in the $500 – $2000 range now on the market. He looks at the key features that make a DAC worthy of consideration for a two-channel hifi enthusiast, and why, based on his inside knowledge of studio and mastering practices.

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RMAF 2012

Oliver Masciarotte pens his thoughts on the 2012 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. With his unique insider perspective, Oliver finds things to love and other stuff, not so much.

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