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Image credits
The image used in this article is a spectrogram (0-5000 Hz) of the sentence “It’s all Greek to me,” spoken by a female voice. This image was authored by Dvortygirl and Mysid and obtained from the WikiMedia Commons.

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    I am new to Hifizine, but I read Affordable Audio for a few months. I like the idea of merge, and the first issue has my attention.

    Music Corner – I like that we don’t have to talk about new releases or new pressing etc. , in order to write an article.

    Equipment Review – I liked the reporting of specs/ MSRP like affordable audio did (first page). I think its a great way to frame a review, upfront from the beginning. How about what the reviewer actually paid for the item?

    Review the Reviewer – New category. You review either past hifizine/AA reviews or take on the big boys, stereophile and…. and… ?

    Give an article written by Arthur Salvatore some consideration. Its called “The Audio Press” and he has a pretty well read website you can do a little google searching to find.

    • Hi Curt, thank you for the feedback! I think we will probably skip the “review the reviewer” section and just try and focus on doing what we love doing (rather than worry about what other people are doing). I personally am really very keen on expanding on the Music Corner as I’ve found already that my tastes are broadening as a result.

    received the muse tda1543X4 dac and it sounds really good.what linear power set up would you suggest,along with the power requirements?the supplied wallwart is 12v 1a.thanks again.

    • Hi John, I assume you meant to add this to Ainsley’s DAC article. A few options were suggested there. I added a link to the Pyramid supply also.

    The merged content of the two publications has resulted one of my favorite audiophile/music-lover Web sites! I’ve come to the conclusion that the true cutting-edge work lies with the artisan audio designers/manufacturers, who handcraft audio components that hew to a particular vision regarding music reproduction (Pass Labs (Nelson Pass), Atma-Sphere Music Systems (Ralph Karsten), etc.); however, the extremely small-scale production of these sophisticated-topology/minimalist-signal-path audio designs tends to drive the price of the resulting products well beyond the fiscal reach of the average audiophile/music-lover. Your DIY projects provide the technical information that permits thoughtful readers to reasonably craft their own implementations of cutting-edge designs while bypassing the distribution price mark-ups that drive high-fidelity audio product prices into the stratosphere; bravo! Of particular note, John Reekie’s well-written articles describing how to harness the awesome power of the cost-effective miniDSP modules (http://www.minidsp.com/products/minidsp-in-a-box/minidsp-2×4) to implement simple, but very powerful, loudspeaker/audio-system designs that transparently leverage mass-quantities of computational horsepower to achieve high-fidelity music reproduction with minimal resources will open worlds of music enjoyment at a level that simply wasn’t previously possible by the average audiophile/music-lover!

  • Hi I have been, patiently, putting a 2 channels music system, with a shoe-string budget. Thanks to your website witch has provided with a lot of informations, and helped me decipher,some of, the intricate world of HIFI. Lately I have been searching DAC, witch is quite difficult for a Philistine like me.
    Through my researches I stumbled upon the: Valab TDA 153 NOS USB DAC with a independent
    power source, this comes with a claim that oversampling color and tweak the music, where a Non-Oversampling DAC do not. I do not have enough technical knowledge, and no access to both machines to compare.
    Did anyone at HIFIzine have done some research on that topic? Is it worth doing so?
    Best regards;

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