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When your article is submitted for publication, it is firstly processed and stripped of unnecessary data and characters and uploaded into the content management system (CMS). Typically, we will then:

  1. Correct grammar and punctuation
  2. Check for factual correctness
  3. Edit your text for flow and readability
  4. Process and upload images

The editing work may be performed by several people. It’s a necessary part of the process of making the quality of HifiZine articles as high as we can. It’s nothing personal, as all articles – including those from the editors – benefit from multiple eyes going over them. (If at all possible, please have a friend or online acquaintance provide comments and feedback to you on your article prior to submission to Hifi Zine, as it can only help to improve it.)

During the editing process, you will have an opportunity to request changes or updates, typically in response to a PDF file provided by an editor. Please note that changes must be incremental and relative to the current version of the article – a complete new text file is very difficult to process once we have started the above workflow.

If you are submitting a draft for comment only, please clearly indicate so in order that we don’t start the above workflow. Bear in mind that time is short and that the workflow is by far the most effective way to progress your article. Please be sure to edit and proof your article yourself prior to submission for publication.

Finally, please note that once an article has been submitted for publication, it can’t be “unsubmitted.” Editing an article and preparing it for publication involves significant time on the part of editors, and it’s not fair for us to do that work and then not be able to publish the article. The editor/s involved have final say in the content of the published article.