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RMAF 2010 preview with Marjorie Baumert

On the eve of the 7th edition of the extremely popular Annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF), Show Director Marjorie Baumert agreed to field a few questions from us about the upcoming event.

JR – Marjorie, thanks for speaking with us today. With the show just around the corner, you must be frightfully busy right now?

MB – This is an especially busy time of the year for me, but I try to keep everything in order so I don’t get slammed at the end. The good thing is that many of our exhibitors have been showing at RMAF for a number of years, and they know the drill. My job is to create an environment for exhibitors to present their products to a knowledgeable and interested audience. After that, it’s up to the exhibitors, and they always seem to come through with flying colors!

JR – This is the seventh show now, and it’s always well-reported in the online magazines, blogs, and forums. Is there anything that stands out to you as different this year?

MB – In the audio-world, much like the real world, as much as things change, they stay the same. We are in the middle of a technological boom with smart phones, digital recordings, and super powerful equipment. Yet, in the middle of these exciting breakthroughs in audio and technology in general, many are searching for the perfect vinyl, a top-notch turntable, and perfection from being surrounded in sound, not just in one ear. We are attempting to marry the two worlds and are closer than ever to succeeding in our endeavor. There will be many product rollouts this year and you should check the website, www.audiofest.net at the end of next week for the announcements.

JR – What will attendees be seeing in the Al Stiefel Legacy Room this year?

MB – The whole idea of Al’s Legacy Room was to build on Al’s inclusiveness and generosity of spirit. I wanted this room to be a place where a newcomer with a fresh idea, or perhaps someone who’s had a tough year and needs a little boost, could show their equipment and meet the people in the industry that they need to know. Al advocated making space for everyone, not just the ones who are established or who have large budgets. Here, even a relatively unknown company with a great product can get seen and heard, and most importantly, reviewed. At RMAF, we think that especially the little guys should dream big. Al had a dream, the guts to believe in his dream and to follow through on his vision. Most importantly though, is that we had people who were willing to give us a chance to develop the RMAF. Al believed in paying it forward and I am proud to be a part of his beliefs.

The Colorado Audio Society chose Bamberg Audio as this year’s winner. They have put together a wonderful group of exhibitors and the sound will be great!!


  • Bamberg: Series 5 TMW full-range 3-way loudspeaker; Series 2 TMM wide band 2.5-way floor standing loudspeaker and
  • ModWright: Modified Transporter (Computer streaming DAC digital source), KWA 100SE SS power amp and LS 100 tube preamp with built-in Class A headphone amp.
  • PI Audio Group: UberBuss to handle the power filtration in our room.
  • Soundstring Cable Technologies: GEN II Platinum Edition Cables
  • Tube Traps: room acoustics

JR – Looking back at the beginnings in 2004, would you have ever thought that it would have become as successful as it has?

MB – Never! This was Al’s vision, and I was just along for the ride. But over the years, as I’ve gotten to know so many people, and learned more about the business, I found that apart from making great sound, it was also about the individuals and their dreams. Now that is something I can get behind! I think that the reason we’ve been successful is that both Al and I had the idea that if we put the people first and didn’t worry about the rest we’d be successful. And look at us now!

JR – If you had a chance to have a quiet moment to reflect, how would you describe what it’s like, for you personally, to be directing this show?

MB – Being the show director is certainly a challenge, and I’ve had to fill some pretty big shoes, but in the larger picture, it’s quite fun. It’s sometimes difficult to put it all into perspective, but I’ve had the remarkable good fortune to be surrounded by the most amazing and supportive group of people. At first, I couldn’t imagine how I could do this without Al and his insights into the industry. Over the last year and a half, though, I’ve come to realize that this is a way to honor who he was and to allow those in the industry who cared about him to keep his memory alive and help fulfill his vision. When engulfed in the middle of the show, all I can see is that someone’s name badge was misplaced, or that we need to reprint a sign, but when I have a moment to think, I know that Al would be proud of what we built together, and that I can be proud that I am strong enough to carry his legacy into the future.

JR – You must have a small army of helpers to do this! Who else is involved?

MB – If it were only up to me, I would be a basket case, and the exhibitors would not be happy campers. I am so lucky that I can count on the Colorado Audio Society for help with the load in and load out as well as at the registration desk. My family also shows up from all over the country to do their part, and my friends from Dress For Success and other volunteer work that I do take time out of their lives to pitch in. Really, the volunteers are what make this show run smoothly, and I could never do it without them!

JR – Is there anything about the show that “keeps you awake at night” – that you worry might go wrong?

MB – There’s always something that you can worry about when you’re putting on a show of this magnitude, and I’m no different from anyone else. I have my share of sleepless nights as it’s all coming together, but I try to remember that once I’ve done all I can do to create a great environment, it’s up to the exhibitors and the audio gods. You just have to expect to be surprised. Last year, the entire neighborhood had a power outage. It had nothing to do with us, but it was a little nerve-wracking to have exhibitors and attendees wandering around in dark hallways. But you know what? Somebody brought out a guitar on the fifth floor and had a jam session, while the seminar that was in session carried on in the dark because they were having such a great discussion. So it’s never as bad as you think it might be, and left to their own devices, people generally get it right. In the end, all those sleepless nights are usually unnecessary.

JR – Will you be taking a break after the show wraps up? What do you do when you’re not organizing the RMAF?

MB – I have a pretty busy life outside of the show, and my family is often the focus. We have several little ones who have joined us in the last couple of years, and that’s incredibly energizing. I love being an involved auntie. Dress for Success gets a fair amount of my energy, as I immensely enjoy helping women find their footing as they head back out into the workforce. I love to travel, and have a group of friends with a similar taste for adventure, so we generally try and leave town once or twice a year. I learned to golf last year, and that’s been challenging, humiliating, fun, and educational. Reading is a favorite pastime of mine, and I enjoy belonging to a couple of book groups, which keeps me current about what’s on the bestseller lists. The outdoors is always part of my day as I treasure the opportunity to hike, ski, or bike. I also love music, as there is nothing better than cranking up my stereo and singing along to the songs that make my heart smile. It’s a rare day that I’m at a loss about what to do with my time!

JR – Thank you Marjorie – many audiophiles around the world are appreciative of your efforts.

Show notes

The 2010 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest will be hold on October 15-17, at the Denver Marriot Tech Center Hotel. For exhibitor and registration information, please visit http://www.audiofest.net.

Readers' comments

    I hope Marjorie will be following the comments here as I just wanted to give her a big thank you for al the work that has gone into keeeping RMAF going. We have been exhibiting since the first year with other manufactures with this year being the first for the new company and product line.

    We were honored to be in/part of the Al Stiefel Legacy Room for it first year last year with our Purity linestage.

    We want to wish Marjorie continued success in the forthcoming years with the show. It is easily the best in the industry.

    The Purity Audio Design team

    • Thanks Bill – I’ll let Marjorie know that there are comments here. She was very helpful with the interview.

    Year after year, Al,Marjorie, and the whole Colorado Audio Society have always done a great job with the show…it’s lots of work….thank you!

    It’s best show going….good luck with this years show.

    I’m sure it will be another winner !!!


  • Thanks for the kudos!! See you in Denver.

  • I am now back from the show and must say that it was exceptional. Spent quite a bit of time talking to Marjorie and is a true sweetheart (and has quite the security team..she knows why I say that).

    The show was a great success and she should be proud of what her and her team pulled off. Great job Marjorie. It was truly an honor spending time with you this year.

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