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Editor’s Note to the Inaugural Edition

I cannot tell you how chuffed (that means “pleased”) I am to be launching the inaugural edition of Hifi Zine, the “Independent Audio Webzine.” I won’t tell you that this is the realization of a long-held dream; it really just sorta happened. I do believe, though, that if we are passionate about our hobby, then it is only natural to want to share our joy, our learnings, and – sometimes – our disappointments. I hope to provide, with Hifi Zine, a vehicle for all of these.

Hifi Zine came about largely as a fortuitous intersection of elements… “the time was right.” I had been experimenting with some web-based content management systems, and the thought of publishing an online magazine using one of them just popped up one day – after all, I am no stranger to copy-writing and editing, having worked as a technical writer in the past, and I do love using the Web. So I asked a number of people if they would be interested in publishing an article in the inaugural edition of a new webzine… and, well, the response was amazing and heart-warming.

A few short but busy weeks later, here we are with the first issue! I am quite honestly astounded with the amount and quality of content contributed to this first issue, and I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed. I had to create a special “bumper edition” layout so I would have room for everything! Yes, no doubt you will run into a rough edge here or there, but we can only refine and improve from here on.

I view this publication as a creative and collaborative work. I think that there is room for something “different” – not the same as the review magazines, different from blogging, and not at all like the online forums. Something that provides a voice for any audiophile; something that allows any one of us to say “this is my experience,” in a way that allows that statement to stand and last, as a clear and permanent record of a voice recorded at that point in time.

With Hifi Zine, we aim to take a down-to-earth, honest, and incisive look into our hobby, “powered by” the same people who read and learn from these online pages. I most sincerely welcome your participation, and very much look forward to forging with you a new online extension of this crazy yet intensely rewarding hobby.

I invite all readers to consider submitting a proposal for an article for a future edition. Or read more about why we do it.

Readers' comments

    Lookin’ good…..
    ……………..Good luck John !

  • Fantastic first issue. Especially considering the short time frame in which it was put together. Here’s wishing you many more!

  • Thank you, Tim and Chris, your comments are much appreciated. It was a fairly nail-biting time with a long list of things to get done, but I’m very glad to have done it 🙂 I hope to see many more issues too, and am looking forward to continuing (and expanding!) the diversity of articles in future issues.

  • LOVE the zine. LOVE the lack of advertising. LOVE the ‘its not just another review website’.

    Keep up the good work. I may be interested in contributing some articles on acoustics or DIY amp / speaker building.

  • I like the looks of the first one here. Keep the good work.

  • Bravo – I say – the more the merrier! Love Mr. Thomas’s article – awesome. Keep up the great work.

  • Congrats! I love the clean look and straightforward content. I added your feed to the Daily Audiophile web site (www.dailyaudiophile.com). I’m looking forward to many return visits!

  • Long time reader of Affordable Audio, Now I assume gone to join Listener and other departed things I liked. This Hifi Zine has just started in Dec I take it no earlier issues and no advertising which I did not mind in Affordable Audio as they advertised things I may be interested in. Having ads would not bother me at all. Best of luck. I like the DIY stuff also, Have built speakers from Ls35/a to Mauhorns and kit amps and even a type 45 driven by 6sn7, Steve

  • Where are the equipment reviews?

  • Keep it real, keep the affordable concept.

  • Thanks for the recent comments! Rod – we will do our best, that’s the intent. Bruce – the first combined HifiZine/AA issue hasn’t been published yet, we’re working on it now. Hopefully it and future issues will be useful to you, please let us know either way as they come out. Stephen – thank you, we did start last June but the navigation needs a bit of improving to make past issues more accessible, that should happen within the next issue or two.

  • Good work folks. Nice clean look, easy to navigate. Where are the reviews?

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